Forget about polyglot "hacks" and short-term language learning sprints

What if you could make effortless progress towards fluency in your dream language, day after day?

Hi, I'm Kris Broholm, host of The Actual Fluency Podcast. I've interviewed more than 100 top polyglots and language learners, to discover what works and what doesn't when it comes to learning foreign languages.

When I started learning foreign languages as a hobby my learning was erratic.


I was following all these amazing super-learners and polyglots, and they seemed to effortlessly learn new languages at amazing speeds!


Meanwhile, I was still stuck.


I knew, I wanted to learn Russian in order to speak with the people I was playing video games with. There was a big Russian player base, so it would be awesome to be able to understand and communicate with them!


Installing new apps, and taking part in small language challenges managed to give me a few small wins here and there, but I just never managed to establish a solid routine -- so my learning always felt random and ineffective.


I knew I was smart enough to learn a language, I just didn't know how to build a consistent habit that would fit into my busy life.


As the days and months went on I managed to do less and less studying, and eventually I just wasn't doing any consistent studying at all.


The lack of consistency and results had left me frustrated and disappointed in myself.


"Maybe I'm just not a language person" I thought...


I tried a lot of different things to help me progress...


Among others

  • 90-day language challenges (this left me burned out for months!)
  • Different apps and software (just moved around from app to app)
  • Tutors and teachers (helped a bit, but without consistency was not very impactful.)

Turning a corner


What really caused a monumental shift for me, was the realisation that the language learning itself is actually a piece of cake. 


Think about it: We all learn how to speak our native languages completely automatic -- which means that the skill is inherent in all of us.


The real challenge of mastering another language is rooted in mindset. 


And frankly, this topic is not very widely discussed in the language learning world.


I read up on mindset, and I even consulted a productivity coach to help me understand where I was going wrong.


After this my habits were ultra consistent, and I made amazing progress in Russian faster than I had ever thought possible.


Today I understand everything I was doing wrong, and more importantly how to do everything right.


I've taken all this and bundled it into a premium course that I call: Language Habit Mastery.

If you've ever tried to learn a language on your own, you probably realised how difficult it can be to build a consistent habit.


Maybe you had a bit of success, but you always find your learning to be random or inefficient -- or you go long periods of time without any studying.


This is where Language Habit Mastery can help you.

  • Discover your true reasons and expectations for learning your dream language so you can use it for unstoppable motivation every day.

  • Avoid the motivational pitfalls, and mindset traps that can cause you to completely shut down and stop your language learning.

  • Build consistent, effortless habits that you can act on every day -- even if you're busy.

You don't need more hacks, tricks or short-term simply need a system of encouragement to build unstoppable language learning habits...

...As I'm progressing through the course, I realize the main topic of is not just motivation, it's really a "how to succeed in learning a language"-course.

Peter Carroll


"For anyone looking for a bit of encouragement or advice on sticking with their language learning, I highly recommend Kris’s course.​"

Shannon Kennedy


"Kris is very supportive. The course is a real encouragement not giving up and finding solutions when we feel stuck in our learning. I recommend it !!


I especially liked the modules on "goals setting" and "dealing with stagnation", because it's something I really struggle with."

Dorothée Schmitt

Early adopter of LHM

What You'll Get​?

Here's exactly what you'll find inside the member's area of Language Habit Mastery!

  • Module One - Expectations

    Before we set out on your journey, we have to make sure your expectations are productive.

  • Module Two - Goals

    In this module you'll learn how to set productive goals that will keep you motivated for weeks, months, and years to come.

  • Module Three - Accountability

    In this module we'll take a look at how to take advantage of accountability, one of the most powerful motivators, to reach our goals.

  • Module Four - Overcoming Adversity

    Sometimes things don't go to plan, which can cause you to get out of your routine and habits. In this module you'll learn what to do when this happens.

  • Module Five - Language Habit Mastery

    In this module everything comes together from the other modules, so you can confidently build unstoppable language learning habits.

  • Module Six - Course Conclusion

    In this module the course is wrapped up, and you'll learn how you can stay motivated and consistent long after you've finished Language Habit Mastery.


Language Habit Mastery

  • The encouragement you need to learn any language.

  • 6-weeks of modules to comfortable build solid habits

  • Unlimited email support if you have any questions or concerns

  • Easily replicable for any area of your life, where motivation or consistency is needed

One time payment of $47

We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe.



I'm so confident you'll like the course, that I'm happy to offer my 100% no-questions asked money back guarantee.


If you for any reason are unhappy with Language Habit Mastery, let me know and I'll give you a full refund right away.

Kris Broholm

Founder, Actual Fluency

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